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My Book : : Chasing the Moon

"Chasing the Moon" is finally out!

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A real life story, where truth is stranger than fiction, takes you on a surreal moonlit journey. Mostly you will travel through the dark, witnessing the wonders of the night, in awe of things you never knew existed. You will be sharing audacious adventures with a light painter who doesn’t take herself or night dangers too seriously; the author will make you laugh and cry simultaneously.

Heartwarming sub stories, life threatening encounters, funny moments and self-realization makes this a truly memorable story; a story that almost never happens. The story that started as a wild chase of the Northern Lights in a convertible across potato fields, turned into the series of adventures that spanned moonlit landscapes of Montana, Guatemala Jungle, James Bay, the Rockies and the Prairies, the East Coast and odd places in between.

It is inevitable that the author gets in trouble being far from civilization and at night. She learns about the night’s beauty and its danger, its appeal and its peril, its bounty and its deception. She gets nearly drowned, fights off a wolf with her tripod, photographs Mayan ruins around mating jaguars, shares a ghost town with a young bear and saves an adorable puppy called Musko.

The author explores human fascination with the ruins and abandoned places, and walks on the border of the tangible and imaginary, concrete and the unknown. She witnesses the passage of time and learns to ask life’s ever pressing questions, rubbing shoulders with the remnants of the past.

The author explores fear, and shows how passion and curiosity drive one forward, defying common sense and fear ... and prevails. As the moonlit landscapes were changing, the mind landscape is changing as well. The story spans years and touches friendship and loss, near-death and out-of-body experience, being in the "Zone", the effects of serious sleep deprivation, personal renaissance and despair. It’s an honest book written without holding back. It touches universal questions that anybody can relate to.

The part on chasing the Northern Lights in mid-latitude should be interesting to anybody who ever wanted to see them but never had the time or money to go to Alaska. The truth is – you don’t need to go there. You can see the Northern Lights as far south as Boston, Seattle, Cleveland or even NYC. All the Aurora pictures were shot in the mid-latitudes within a 1-2 hour drive from the major cities. The book will give a glimpse of what’s involved in Aurora chasing.

The stories are accompanied by stunning photography and light painting, all done “in-camera”. This book is not a night photo tutorial. It will, however, give you a glimpse of what’s involved in night photography and light painting.

This story is written to inspire you to live passionately and to give it your best.

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